Overseas Recruitment FAQs

Thank you for getting in touch with us. We are currently receiving an extremely high volume of emails and are working through them as quickly as we can, therefore, we have designed this page of frequently asked questions as you will probably find the answer to your query here.

PLEASE NOTE: If your inquiry is about your Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) please note that we will not be requesting your CoS until all recruitment checks have been completed. This includes:

  • References to cover the last 3 years (these also need to be approved by the Ward Manager here so we may be waiting to hear from them).
  • Completion of your Occupational Health (the link is in the pre-employment checks to complete email).
  • Your overseas police check needs to be sent to us (the link and further information is in the pre-employment checks to complete email).
  • Your TB status certificate needs to be sent to us.
  • You ID (further information is in the pre-employment checks to complete email).
  • Your Uniform Form.
  • Your CBT/NMC decision letter needs to be uploaded to the HEE portal.

All nurses are covered by the Agenda for Change Terms and Conditions, this states a working week is 37.5 hours, the Trust works on a shift pattern that is …. - breaks are not paid.

Sadly, we can only offer you a set amount of shifts before you can put yourself forward for any additional shifts.

Yes you are able to join the Trust bank and pick up additional shifts.

All new staff arriving will receive a pack with a duvet, 2 pillows, bedding set and towels - a small food pack will also be provided.

The time can vary depending on references and receipt of your CBT / IELTS certificates and your NMC decision letter - once all checks have been undertaken satisfactorily, you can choose the date you wish to start with the Trust - this is expected to be at least 2 months after the checks have been received due to the time taken to gain your Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) and for you to apply for a Visa.

When ALL recruitment checks are complete, and we know when you will be arriving in the UK, we will apply for your Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS). The CoS expires after 12 weeks so we have to make sure you are in the country before that date. We process the CoS's in bulk, therefore, it will not necessarily be applied for the day or even the week after all employment checks are received. We appreciate you are anxious about this process and keen to have confirmation of where you are in the process, however please know we are really looking forward to you joining our team and we are working on everything as quickly as we can - please do not inundate us with questions regarding this as it, ultimately, slows us down.

When we have received your Certificate of Sponsorship, we will forward this to you. You must then apply for the Visa as soon as you can. In most cases your Supplier will cover the cost of the Visa, please check with them. Once your Visa is approved please send it back to us and Health Education England. Once the Visa is approve, you must enter the country within one month.

Yes, we have slots available and you are able to select which date suits you best - this selection will determine when the CoS is applied for, as the CoS expires after 12 weeks, therefore we have to be mindful of this when applying.  Please note that places are limited to 15 per date (except for December).  The departure dates are as follows:

  • December - 05/12/19 (Fully Booked)
  • January - 02/01/2020 (Fully Booked), 16/01/2020 (Fully booked)
  • February - 31/01/2020 (Fully Booked), 20/02/2020
  • March - 05/03/2020, 19/03/2020
  • April - 02/04/2020, 23/04/2020
  • May - 07/05/2020, 21/05/2020
  • June - 04/06/2020, 18/06/2020
  • July - 02/07/2020, 16/07/2020
  • August - 06/08/2020, 20/08/2020
  • September - 03/09/2020, 17/09/2020

The biometric residence permit (BRP) is a residence permit which holds a migrant’s biographic details (name, date and place of birth) and biometric information (facial image and fingerprints), and shows their immigration status and entitlements while they remain in the UK.

Please select Wrexham Post Office as the place of collection for your BRP. We will take you there to pick it up (this has to be within 10 days of arriving in the UK).

You can use your BRP to confirm your:

  • identity
  • right to study or work in the UK
  • right to any public services or benefits you’re entitled to

More information can be found here.

If your test proves positive, our Occupational Health team will communicate with you regarding the result - this could mean either cancelling or delaying your offer of employment.

It is not recommended that you bring family over until you have passed your OSCE examination and found suitable accommodation for them - The Trust is only supporting the applicants COS/Visa application and will not cover any costs for your families application or their flights/accommodation etc.

There are two main sites for accommodation - one is on-site at The Royal Shrewsbury Hospital (known as 'Rooftops', and the other is in the Town Centre of Shrewsbury).  The set up is very similar for both sites, with the layout of shared 'flats'.  You will have your own room which includes a bed and storage for clothes, a shared bathroom and a shared kitchen.  Laundry facilities are either in the shared kitchen (at Rooftops) or a laundry room within the Town Centre accommodation. 

We also run a 'Rent a room' scheme, where we offer the opportunity to our staff to rent out a spare room that they have within their living accommodation. 

This accommodation is NOT suitable for families and is designed to be used on a temporary basis (3 months) until you can find accommodation more suited to you within Shrewsbury, Telford, or one of the surrounding towns or villages.

The Trust will provide you with a bedding pack, towels and a small food package upon your arrival.

Rooftops Accommodation (external shot of the building) at The Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

Rooftops Accommodation (Bedroom) at The Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

The salary is £18,813 per annum (Band 3).

The salary is currently is £24,214 per annum (Band 5).  However, you will also receive enhanced pay for working during unsociable hours e.g. Saturday, Sunday, Nights and Bank Holidays.

You have 3 attempts to pass the OSCE examination, the Trust will pay for your first attempt but all future attempts you must pay for.  If you fail all 3 examinations your COS is automatically cancelled and you will be required to return home.

You will be paid monthly in arrears - the Trust pay date is the last working day of the month.

We will ensure that you are either able to walk to the hospital or get public transport to the hospital.

We provide a full programme of preparation and support leading up to the OSCE examination, co-ordinated and facilitated by a team of dedicated Clinical Nurse Educators.

The programme will take place immediately after clinical induction, and will combine time in the classroom, learning and practicing the skills you require for OSCE with the completion of a number of mock OSCEs, enabling us to fully prepare you for the actual exam. We will also ensure you have time in the clinical area enabling you to acclimatise to our hospitals and wards, and giving you the opportunity to get to know the teams you will be working with once you have passed your OSCE.  

We will book your OSCE as soon as you arrive with us, enabling you to have full access to online OSCE preparation material as well as familiarising yourself with the process. On the day of your OSCE we will provide transport to and from the test centre, and you will be accompanied by one of the educator team. In the run-up to your exam you will also have the support of the current cohort of International Nurses, the majority of whom have already passed their OSCEs.

If you are unsuccessful at the first attempt you will start work in your allocated clinical area, but our Clinical Nurse Educators will ensure a personal development plan is in place, tailored to your individual needs and focused on helping you pass OSCE at the second attempt. Please note you will only have three attempts at OSCE as per NMC standards.

During working hours personal practice can be conducted within the dedicated multi-faith spaces at both The Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and The Princess Royal Hospital and all religions are welcomed.  These private spaces are available to any person for private prayer or a time of quiet. Services are held, please see the noticeboard. 

You can also find out about more local places of worship here.

You are paid directly into a UK bank account, as part of your local induction we will take you to a bank to open an account - further details on what you need to take to this meeting will be supplied closer to your arrival date.

When you have been through the process and are ready to select your start date the Recruitment team at the Trust will book your flight for you and provide you with the details - you do not need to book your flight.