SaTH Improvement Hub


SaTH is committed to creating a culture that puts Continuous Improvement at the forefront of our transformational journey and our aim is to empower staff at all levels to have the confidence, capability, passion, and knowledge, to test changes and make improvements at SaTH and the communities we serve.

Following a successful five-year partnership with the Virginia Mason Institute in the USA, SaTH continues to further develop and embed the Trust’s approach to Continuous Improvement at all levels of the organisation. You will be supported by an Improvement Hub, which will provide the necessary expertise to support you make improvements, while also providing training at various stages of your time at SaTH, as part of your continuing professional development

Building Capability:

Our training programmes are designed to make improvement accessible at all levels of the organisation. Importantly, they build capability and capacity in the use of SaTH’s improvement method that enables all staff make effective and sustainable improvements. Courses available are as follows:

  • SaTH Improvement Introduction: 30-minute training session as part of your local induction.
  • SaTH Improvement Fundamentals: A 1-day course. During this course, you will learn the basics of Quality Improvement, predominately based around lean principles and techniques, with a focus on how we engage staff at all levels with improvement at SaTH.
  • SaTH Improvement Practitioner: This is a 6-month course that will provide you with the tools and techniques to lead your teams and make improvement part of your daily activity.

Improvement Hub:

The Improvement Hub has been developed to provide a Business Consultancy approach to improvement. This ensures that all staff has access to expert guidance to support a culture of continuous improvement.

Highly trained in all aspects of our Continuous Improvement approach, the team provides appropriate blended training for all staff, aligned with appropriate levels of coaching and support, to ensure they utilise the tools effectively to meet their improvement objectives, that are aligned to the organisational strategy.