Welcome to the Trust

A warm welcome to our Trust, we are very happy to have you with us. This page is designed to help your transition to the Trust a smooth and exciting experience.

Please explore the sections below, they will help you to understand the Trust before you start - it’s a great way of getting prepared for day one.

The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust has two main hospital sites in Shropshire (the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, Shrewsbury and the Princess Royal Hospital, Telford). We also have sites at Shrewsbury Business Park, The Fertility Centre, and Sterile Services which is based at The Queensway Business Park in Telford.

Directions, public transport and car parking information is available for The Royal Shrewsbury Hospital:

If you are travelling by car, please make sure you have a valid parking permit otherwise you could be fined. Direction to the hospital can be found here

Directions, public transport and car parking information is available for The Princess Royal Hospital, Telford:

If you are travelling by car, please make sure you have a valid parking permit otherwise you could be fined. Direction to the hospital can be found here

Directions to Shrewsbury Business Park

Address: Shrewsbury Business Park, Douglas Court, Anchorage Avenue, SY2 6LG. Please note: parking at the business park is very busy, if you are coming by car you will probably have to block in another car, please leave a note with your name and number in the front windscreen of your vehicle. 

Click here for directions.

It might be useful for you to print off these maps in advance to help navigate around the hospital in your first few days - but if you aren't sure where to go, please ask a member of staff who will be more than happy to help you.






















Our Staff Handbook is quite a read, but a worthwhile one. Click here to download a copy.




You will be required to attend the Corporate Induction Day and Safe Load Moving & Handling Induction Training Session with the first few months of beginning work.

This programme is designed to welcome all new staff to the organisation and provide some essential information for you. You will also get to meet some key people in the organisation who will be a source of information and advice.

Details will have been sent to the email registered on your job application account. If you have not received information about your Corporate Induction, contact the Corporate Education office to reorganise on 01952 641222 ext. 4555 or email sath.corporateeducation@nhs.net

If you are new to the NHS, welcome to the world of amazing staff benefits. The hospital has developed a range of staff perks, and there are companies who also allow NHS employees to benefit from some great offers and discounts. Click here to read the most up to date list of staff benefits.

Our Trust Values provide a guide for our daily lives which we are all expected to uphold, both at work and when we are representing the Trust.

Our Values were developed by staff and our patients, so they represent what is important to us within the organisation and the way we should all behave towards patients, carers,visitors, partners and each other.

You will see our Values throughout the Trust; they are not just words on a page, they represent what we are about here at SaTH. We want patients and their families to say that the care and service they receive from all of us is consistently high quality, safe, effective and personalised, so the feelings behind the Values shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone working in the NHS.

The reason why it is important that they are clearly written down is so we all know what’s expected, and none of us is surprised if we are asked to explain any unacceptable behaviour. Ultimately, if we follow our Values, we will provide services that are better for our patients and better for each other.



It is really important to keep our staff informed and engaged. If we have something to share, we will do it through a number of routes to try to get in front of everyone.

Trust Websites
Here is a list of the websites managed by the Trust:

Public facing website: www.sath.nhs.uk
Staff Intranet: type Intranet/ into a web browser of any trust website
Recruitment Website: www.jobs.sath.nhs.uk
VIP Awards Website: www.awards.sath.nhs.uk


Chatterbox is our weekly round-up of goings-on in the Trust and a chance for your to tell your story. Chatterbox is produced on a weekly basis. Once it is ready, a global email is sent out to your work email. You can also find it, and previous versions, on the Intranet from any work computer.

Safest & Kindest is our quarterly newsletter for patients, staff, visitors and volunteers. Safest Kindest is produced quarterly and can also be found on the Intranet and the external website.

Social Media

We encourage staff to engage with the Trust on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. It’s important to always be mindful of how you conduct yourself in public forums, so if you’re ever unsure you can read our guidance note by searching for “social media” on the intranet. If you’d like us to share a story on our accounts you can get in touch by emailing or giving communications a call on: 01743 261000 ext 1378 / 2274 / 2285.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ShrewsbuyandTelfordNHS and www.facebook.com/SaTHJobs
Twitter: @SaTHNHS and @SaTHJobs
Instagram: @sathnhs
LinkedIn: The Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust

Global Emails

Important correspondance will also be sent in the form of Global email, please access your work email on a regular basis to ensure you do not overlook anything important - you might miss out on free cake (and other important information) if you don't!

What to do if the media calls

Always remember there is no such thing as an “Off the Record” chat. Anything that you say could be published or broadcast. If you are contacted you should:
During office hours: Contact the Communications Office - 01743 261378 (Ext 1378)/01743 492285 (Ext 2285) / 01743 492274 (Ext 2274) or email sath.communications@nhs.net
At other times / out of hours: Speak to the Clinical Site Manager (CSM) in the first instance (Bleep 886 at RSH or Bleep 109 at PRH). They may refer this enquiry to the Duty Manager or Duty Director.Alternatively, you can direct callers to our contact page on the website at www.sath.nhs.uk/news-media/contact-the-team