Nursing Preceptorship Programme

Welcome to our information page about nursing preceptorship at The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust (SaTH).

As a nurse or nursing associate you are in high demand - therefore we are going to work harder to get you, and even harder to keep you. All newly qualified nurses and nursing associates are automatically entitled to attend a preceptorship programme, and here at Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals (SaTH) this is no different.

We recommend all student nurses attend one of our one-stop shop recruitment days where you can:

  • Come and meet our teams
  • Find out about what life is like at SaTH
  • Understand what support you get during your preceptorship year
  • Secure a job offer on the day - leaving you safe in the knowledge you have a guaranteed position at the end of your course, and hopefully in the area you want to specialise.  We recommend students attend an event once they have started their third year, however you can apply sooner if you prefer.

If you are ready to book onto an event you can see a list of all upcoming events here.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council advises that all newly registered nurses, nursing associates and midwives require structured support to “successfully convert the knowledge gained within their training into everyday practice, and gain confidence in their ability to use their knowledge and skills and consistently apply the Code on a day to day basis.” NMC Principles for preceptorship, 2020.   

Within SaTH, preceptorship lasts for 12 months. We run two cohorts of preceptorship per year; in April and September, with all newly qualified registered nurses and nursing associates automatically enrolled on the next available preceptorship course after their start date.

If you find you have not been automatically enrolled on to a preceptorship programme by your new ward manager,  please contact Lara Evans, Clinical Practice Educator: TN 01743 261000 Ext 2435 or via E Mail:  or Rachel Armstrong, Lead Nurse for Education and Quality, TN 01743 261000 Ext 2276 or via E Mail:

Please Note:  Newly qualified Midwives within the Trust have their own preceptorship programme which is facilitated by Karen Henderson, Clinical Education Midwife.  Karen can be contacted via E Mail: Lara came to the trust in 2015, as a CPE, from the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital at Oswestry. Lara is the team’s lead for Preceptorship and all enquiries should be directed to her in the first instance.  She is based mainly at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital but does work cross site. Lara can be contacted via email on: for more information.

Lara Evans, CPE, Programme Lead

Lara came to the trust in 2015, as a CPE, from the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital at Oswestry. Lara is the team’s lead for Preceptorship and all enquiries should be directed to her in the first instance.  She is based mainly at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital but does work cross site. Lara can be contacted via email on:



Gill Johns, CPE

Gill was one of the original CPE Team members and has worked in clinical education since 2006. She has a background within orthopaedic nursing and clinical site management. She is based mainly at PRH but does work cross site. Gill can be contacted via email on:




Kathy O’Neill, CPE

Kathy joined the CPE team in 2008 and has worked in clinical education since. Prior to joining the CPE team she was a Clinical Placement Facilitator (CPF) supporting student nurses in the clinical environment. She also has a background in ITU at RSH. Kathy works cross site. Kathy can be contacted via E Mail on: kathy.o’ 




Debbie Wharton, Professional Development Nurse (PDN)

Debbie joined the CPE team at the start of 2019 having previously worked as an Infection Prevention Control Specialist Nurse. Debbie’s work includes supporting the HCA induction for new HCAs to the Trust. She works cross-site and can be contacted via E Mail on:




Rachel Armstrong, Lead Nurse for Education and Quality

Rachel has been in the role of Lead Nurse with a remit for post registration education since December 2018. She is also the Clinical Lead for the Temporary Staffing Department, a role she has done since April 2015. Rachel was one of the original CPE Team members and also has a background in Acute Medicine. Rachel is currently leading on the International Nurse Project, supported by a team of nurse educators, who are preparing International Nurses for their Test of Competence OSCEs.  Rachel works cross site and her contact details are as follows: TN 01743 261000 Ext 2276, E Mail:


The CPEs have offices at both hospital sites. Their contact details are as follows:

PRH: 01952 641222 Ext: 4563
RSH: 01743 261000 Ext: 2435

You should have a preceptor within one week of your start date, some ward/ department managers will allocate you a preceptor and others will discuss with you and give you an element of choice as to who you would like as your preceptor. If you are unhappy with the preceptor you have been allocated, please let your Ward Manager know or drop Lara Evans an email and we can look at alternative arrangements for you.

We have worked hard to try and make the preceptorship programme dynamic and engaging and we are really looking forward to welcoming you on your first day, whenever that might be. Your experiences within the Trust are important to us and we want to ensure you enjoy the preceptorship programme and see it as a positive progression supporting your journey from Student Nurse / Trainee Nurse Associate to Registered Nurse / Nursing Associate. 

Study Days

The preceptorship programme is delivered on both hospital sites within the Trust and comprises six full study days with a celebration event to mark the end of each programme.

Our robust programme of Study days is designed to further enhance your learning. These days include:

  • Simulation Training *New for April 2020 cohort 
  • Coroner's Hearing 
  • Clinical Skills
  • Communication
  • Safe Care Delivery
  • Leadership
  • Accountability

The dates, times and venues for the September 2020 preceptorship programme can be found here or alternatively they can be obtained from Lara Evans, Programme Lead.

As part of the programme all preceptees are expected to complete a preceptorship workbook. 

*New for September 2020 cohort

Your career development is important to us. We will ensure you have access to at least 1 careers conversation within your preceptorship year to discuss your development and the potential pathways which may be open to you as you progress your career with the Trust. . These conversations will be arranged to take place in the second half of your particular programme. Watch out for information about this when you attend your study days.  

Click here to view the Career Pathway options for Nurses.

*New for September 2020 cohort

Nurses need research because it helps them advance their field, stay updated and offer better evidence-based patient care. We know nurses do not traditionally tend to engage in research, unless in a specific research post and, as a result there is a lack of published research articles, written by registrants from within general clinical areas.

In order to expose more nurses to conducting research we have decided to put a research element in to the preceptorship programme at SaTH. During your first year, you will be asked to complete a piece of research, either individually or in small groups. This could be the standard research which will be offered to the whole cohort and will be displayed on notice boards within your clinical areas. You may, however, decide to do some bespoke research in the form of a poster, audit or questionnaire which you will present to your peers during the course of the programme and will be entered in to a Trust based competition for a research prize, presented by the clinical editor of one of our national nursing journals at the final celebration event.

The research element of the programme will be supported by Sister Helen Moore, one of the NHS 70 research nurses for 70 years (NHS 70 at 70). She will deliver a presentation about research on day one of each programme and also offer 1:1 tutorials to support and guide participants, should they need it. We have a list of potential research offered by some of our specialist nurses within the Trust, however, you may decide there are areas within your clinical practice which you would like to explore in more detail. Helen will be able to discuss this further with you when you meet her in person. Download the presentation here.

In order to wet your appetite and start you thinking we have included a link to a free online course via FutureLearn - , find out how medical treatments are discovered, tested and evaluated to improve healthcare for all. 4 week duration, 4 hours study time per week. Improving Healthcare Through Clinical Research [e-learning].

There are other courses that may interest you such as the MOOC about Clinical Research. Fabulous course and it is free! and Do your Good Clinical Practice Training. Excellent national course and it’s free

We want you to know you are supported throughout this important year in your career. Therefore the CPE team will ensure they keep in touch by visiting you within your clinical areas. Please contact them at any time should you require support and guidance and they can arrange to visit you in the clinical area or in a mutually convenient location if you would prefer not to see them on the ward.

If you have any questions about the Nursing Preceptorship Programme, please email or