Important Information to reply before applying

In accordance with GDPR requirements, we are letting you know how we will process the information you provide if you wish to apply for a position at The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust The Trust uses the Trac electronic recruitment system to handle all applications that are submitted either directly through Trac or through NHS Jobs. This is a secure portal – please refer to the Privacy Notice for Trac for further details.

  • How are selection decisions made based on the information I provide? Your application will be available electronically to the people that will be shortlisting. Shortlisting is undertaken anonymously (your personal details will not be visible at this stage to the shortlisters). Your application will be assessed against the person specification, taking into account the ‘essential’ and if necessary ‘desirable’ criteria for the role. Each application will be scored by the shortlisters and they will record your score in the Trac system. The top scoring applications will be invited to interview.
  • If I need to update my information once it has been downloaded from NHS Jobs, how do I do this? Once you have submitted your application via NHS Jobs, when the vacancy closes your application will be downloaded and migrated to Trac. If you wish to update your application after submitting, please contact either the Recruitment Team for General Staffing positions on 01743 492402 or the Medical Staffing Team on 01952 641222 ext 4410 for assistance.
  • What happens to my information if I withdraw my application? If you wish to withdraw an application that has been downloaded from NHS Jobs, you will need to indicate this on your NHS Jobs and Trac account, only if the closing date has passed. Please refer to privacy notices from NHS Jobs and Trac in relation to data retention of your application. If you wish to withdraw your application after being invited to interview or where an offer has been made, your application and interview notes will be manually stored for a period of 12 months after the date of the interview and then destroyed.
  • How does the Trust handle any attachments that accompany my application? If you wish to submit any additional attachments to your application form, these will be electronically stored together with your application form.
  • How does the Trust use my Equality and Diversity data? In order to meet our legal obligations under the Equality Act 2010, wherever possible we collect, store and process personal and sensitive data relating to the specified Protected Characteristics. These include gender, age, race, disability, marital status, sexual orientation and religion or belief. We monitor these to ensure that we are providing equality of opportunity and fair services to all job applicants and employees. This personal and sensitive data is anonymised and collated during processing and individuals will not be identified. We share the anonymised reports with NHS bodies and you can see examples of these published annual reports on the Trust website ( 
  • How does the Trust handle any safeguarding concerns? The Trust recognises that everyone has a right to be protected and that all adults have a responsibility to protect people from harm. The Trust is committed to ensuring that systems and services are in place which aim to promote the wellbeing of all children and adults at risk and prevent them from suffering harm, safeguard children and adults who have been harmed and working collaboratively with other agencies, facilitate their recovery.
  • Will I be provided with a privacy notice if I make an off-line application? When a request for an off line application (paper form) is made, we will provide a copy of our privacy notice to accompany this.