Volunteers play an important role within our hospitals at The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust, working alongside staff in a variety of different departments.  Our volunteers come from a diverse range of backgrounds and we really value the different skills, outlooks and experiences that our volunteers bring to the organisation.  

Volunteers provide non clinical support to our patients, their relatives and visitors to our hospitals.  Volunteers do not provide (or shadow) clinical work and volunteering is different to going on a work experience placement.  If you are interested in a work experience placement please click here.

Unfortunately the volunteer office is unable to deal with work experience requests.  

The Trust provides a variety of different roles which aims to be interesting and fulfilling for our volunteers whilst benefiting and making a difference to our patients and visitors.  We have volunteer roles available on most of our wards and clinical areas as well as our outpatient and administrative departments. Please contact the volunteer’s office to find out what volunteer roles are currently available. 

At the Trust we have a number of different volunteer schemes, these include:

This scheme is open to all individuals aged 18 and over. Volunteers on this scheme are able to volunteer in most areas of the Trust including wards, administration areas and outpatients.

This scheme is suitable for anyone aged 16-18 years old. We offer young people on this scheme a volunteer placement in a clinical setting (such as a ward) for 6 -12 months. This scheme is very popular so we recommend that individuals apply as early as possible.  Please note that this scheme is not suitable for individuals wanting a short work experience placement.

The support of local businesses makes a real difference.  We offer volunteering days for local businesses which will support a hospital project.  To find out about how your business can support the Trust then please contact the Volunteer Office.  

We are also grateful to any local business who would like to support our fundraising appeals and we can provide more information on current appeals and the different your support can make.

This volunteer scheme is open to individuals who would like to give their time but cannot commit to a regular volunteer placement.  Throughout the year the Trust holds ‘Making a Difference Days’ in which individuals can volunteer their time to a specific project, like gardening.  As these are one off day events individuals do not need to undergo the same recruitment process as our regular volunteers, however all Making a difference days do not involve patient contact.

Staff at The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust can apply to volunteer in a different area to their paid role within the organisation.  This scheme is a fantastic opportunity for staff to gain skills and insight into a different department within the hospital.  

To volunteer on a ward or clinical area you must be at least 16 years old, however you can apply to volunteer at the hospital 3 months prior to your 16th birthday.

If required a uniform is provided by the Trust.

All volunteers (with the exception of Making a Difference Days and Corporate Volunteering) are require to satisfactorily complete all the relevant recruitment checks.

All volunteers will be given the necessary training and local induction to enable them to carry out their volunteer role.

The Trust offers an on-going training programme to all volunteers to support individuals in their role and to develop skills and knowledge


If you are interested in volunteering please fill your details below and a member of the volunteer team will be in contact.

Featured Roles

Volunteers - Mealtime Buddy/Ward Helper

As a ward helper you will work in partnership with ward staff, patients and carers to provide extra support and encouragement to patients on the ward.  There are many aspects to the ward helper role and for some elements of this role (mealtime buddy and activity volunteer) you will need to complete additional training provided by the Governance and Membership Office.

Location: Shrewsbury / Telford

Volunteers - Helping Hands Volunteer

To provide support to patients being discharged from hospital to their home environment.  Volunteers will help create a smooth, positive and practical transition to individuals leaving hospital.  Volunteers can provide immediate support to patients and arrange referrals to other organisations for medium/long term support, if appropriate. 

Location: Shrewsbury / Telford

Volunteers - Meet and Greet Volunteer

Can you help us to enhance and improve our patient’s experience by taking on the role of Greeter at one of our hospitals and undertake this role for a few hours each week?

Location: Shrewsbury / Telford

Our Volunteers

The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust recognises and values the work of volunteers, whether they are people who work within our services and alongside our staff or as part of our patient and public involvement work. We have approximately 800 volunteers working across both sites and in many different departments, complementing the work of the staff and providing services to patients and visitors.