Our Strategies, Priority and Values

Our central organising principle is ‘Putting Patients First’. This guides all of our decisions, striving to be relentless in our pursuit of the patient’s interests and using our resources wisely to provide timely care that meets the standards of quality and safety that our patients and communities expect and deserve.    

Putting patients first means giving the best patient experience we can, doing so safely and using the evidence of what works best to inform our practice.  When we get it right for patients we do it right first time. Not only is this better health care, it makes sense financially too. Not getting it right first time means spending longer putting things right that should have been right from the start. Putting  patients first means we use our resources more wisely so we can afford to do more.  Putting patients first makes us think about what really matters. We will make better decisions about the future if we are guided by putting patients first.    

Our vision is to ensure that the interests of our patients, and providing the best possible care to them, are at the heart of everyone we do. To support us to deliver this we have developed our strategy based on five strategic priorities:  

  • Quality and Safety  
  • People  
  • Innovation  
  • Community and Partnership, and  
  • Financial Strength    

During 2013 we worked with our staff and patients to develop a new framework of values to drive our vision for integrated, patient-centred care. These values are:  


Our Values were shaped by our staff and patients, to ensure we got them right. Our Values are not just words on a page, they represent what we are about here at SaTH. They represent the behaviours and attitudes that we expect each of our staff to display when they’re at work AND representing our organisation. Since they were launched, we have continued to embed them throughout the Trust.