A new and exciting apprenticeship opportunity is available |

This is unique opportunity to gain experience, by rotating through different sectors of the hospitals.

The Radiography Departments at SaTH |

The Radiography Departments at The Royal Shrewsbury Hospital (RSH) and The Princess Royal Hospital (PRH), Telford, will have 3 new MRI Scanners by April 2018. 

Faces of SaTH: Siobhan Harding, NHS Physiotherapist |

Today's Face of SaTH is Siobhan Harding, a NHS Physiotherapist in the Frail Team at PRH.

Face of SaTH: Jacqueline Redden - Staff Nurse |

This week's Face of SaTH is Jacqueline Redden, who has worked at PRH since it opened in 1989… but she has a secret! 

Face Of SaTH: Dave Burrow - Communications |

This week’s Face Of SaTH is Dave Burrows, who works in the Communications Team. 

Face of SaTH: Dr Nawaid Ahmad - Consultant in Respiratory Medicine |

Today’s Face of SaTH is Dr Nawaid Ahmad, Consultant in Respiratory Medicine at the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford. 

Face of SaTH: Karen Breese - Dementia Nurse Clinical Specialist |

Our latest face of SaTH is Karen Breese, Dementia Clinical Specialist.