Faces of SaTH: Rose Williams - Peer Flu Vaccinator |

Rose is a Peer Flu Vaccinator, so is part of the team responsible for giving our staff flu jabs – protecting our staff and patients against the virus. 

Faces of SaTH: Our Dementia Team |

This week our Faces of SaTH post is a little different, as it highlights the wonderful work that our Dementia Team do.

Faces of SaTH: Steve Lewis - Project Manager |

“My favourite part of Projects is the satisfaction I get when achieving and delivering all the objectives intended. Meeting these objectives allows the Project Team to maintain and enhance the experience of our Patients, their Carers and, of course, staff affected by the changes."

Faces of SaTH: Teresa Jones - Trauma and Orthopaedic Healthcare Assistant |

This week’s Face of SaTH is Trauma and Orthopaedic Healthcare Assistant Teresa (Lulu) Jones.

Faces of SaTH: Linda Parker - Ward Clerk. |

This week our Faces of SaTH is Linda Parker, who is the Ward Clerk on 22, Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.

Faces of SaTH: Chelsey Davison - Healthcare Assistant |

This week our Faces of SaTH is Chelsey Davison, who is a Healthcare Assistant with us on the Surgical Assessment Unit at our Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. 

Faces of SaTH | Hayley Sargent - Neonatal Sister |

This week our Face of SaTH is Hayley Sargent, Neonatal Sister and Baby-Friendly Initiative Lead.

Faces of SaTH | Sarah Moody - Acute Medical Unit Sister/Charge Nurse |

This week our Face of SaTH is Sarah Moody, who works on the Acute Medical Unit at our Princess Royal Hospital Telford.