Kumar Sethuraman - Consultant NHS Paediatrician |

“It’s busy but not mad. I get to spend time with my patients so the quality of care is high.”

Dr Patricia Gibson – NHS Doctor, Paediatrician and Neurologist |

"I work in a young enthusiastic department, we have a lovely team of specialists all working together to help. There is also great simulation training available at the new women and children’s centre at SaTH, meaning we can get a realistic hands on experience”

Lydia Glanville – NHS Pharmacy Assistant Technical Officer |

Have you ever considered a job as an NHS Pharmacists or as an NHS Pharmacy Technician?

Andrew Tapp - NHS Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist |

“Shropshire is a great county to live in, the new Women and Children’s Centre has excellent teaching facilities [simulated training] specific for certain departments. Having the women and children departments on one site is great. We are able to provide the very best comprehensive care for all cases.”

Louise Godwin - Trainee Biomedical Scientist |

“Working in my role means there is always new and interesting things going on. There is a definite set structure working in the laboratory compared to other roles which I really enjoy."

David Lower - Estates Department |

Working at the NHS has given me great opportunities and during the 10 years I have worked here I have slowly build up my qualifications year in year out and I’m now considered one of the most skilled workers here. All my qualifications have been supported by SaTH.

Michelle Elliot - Clinical Preparation Team |

Michelle is a passionate member of the Clinical Preparation Team within the Medical Records Department.  Medical Records Staff (sometimes known as Health Records Staff) are responsible for Updating, organising and storing records. Record can be a mixture of both paper filing and electronic. 

Elaine Wales - NHS Ward Clerk |

Elaine Wales has been a Ward Clerk for 13 ½ years at the Princess Royal Hospital, Telford. Her days are very varied, from admitting patients to discharging them.