Lydia Glanville – NHS Pharmacy Assistant Technical Officer

Have you ever considered a job as an NHS Pharmacists or a NHS Pharmacy Technician?

NHS Pharmacy technicians are part of the pharmacy team, preparing and dispensing medicines, working alongside the Pharmacists to deliver prescriptions, but also manufacture medicines in circumstances when they need to be tailor made i.e. certain cancer drugs.

NHS Pharmacy Jobs are a much sought after position and you must be registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and you must have a qualification such as a BTEC National Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science or a recognise National Certificate in Pharmaceutical Science.

The NHS offers training for such positions as it is incredibly important that we have members of staff in this area. In all the training takes 2 years, however on completion of the training you will become one of the vital services in the NHS, with plenty of options to progress your career in the future. You need at least 4 GCSE’s (A-C) which must include English, maths and Science (or the equivalent).

Lydia is in training for the role: “I love my job because every day is different. It’s important in my role to be accurate when dispensing medicines. We have a great team, it’s for patient’s safety that we all work together and help patients back to health”.

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