Faces of SaTH: Linda Parker - Ward Clerk.

This week our Faces of SaTH is Linda Parker, who is the Ward Clerk on 22, Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.

“I originally worked in pay services for the Trust for 10 years, while I was working there my mum was admitted to hospital but she or my family didn’t have a very good experience. I was asked to join PEIPS (patient experience involvement panel), this was a group of people who were passionate about patients getting the best care while in hospital. I loved doing this as I felt that we were a voice for patients and they felt that they could talk to us as we were just ordinary members of the public. 

"I also felt that it was important to pass positive feedback to staff and I would often tell members of staff including Doctors and Consultants if I felt that they had been really nice to patients.

"SAU (Surgical Assessment Unit) was one of the wards that I would go on to and it was a lovely ward with great staff, a Ward Clerk’s job became vacant so I decided to apply as it meant that I could have more contact with patients. I have since moved to Ward 22 earlier this year. 

"The Ward Clerk is usually the first person that relatives will speak to whether by phone or in person, they will usually want to know how their relative is. I will either ask the patient or the nurse looking after them and I feel my role is to reassure them that while their relative is in our care they are being looked after - especially if the patient is elderly or frail. 

"I provide clerical support to the staff which includes making sure that the notes are tidy, updating patients records, requesting notes from various departments, talking to Doctors, arranging transport; anything that helps the ward function better. I will also talk to patients especially the elderly. 

"An achievement I am really proud of is that a colleague (Rhi Lewis) and myself set up a portable end of life room in the Trust; the Surgical Assessment Unit does not have a permanent Swan Room (a place for patients receiving end of life care) so we raised some money by having a cake sale – we bought a retro tea trolley and a china tea set so that the relatives can have a cuppa whenever they like. We also got a small storage unit which has magazines, books, puzzle books, a DVD player, hair dryer, tissues and dvds which are left in the room for relatives to use. We have also put cd/radios in all the side rooms and have brought lots of cds especially 40s , 50s and easy listening music; it’s lovely walking past a side room and hearing Frank Sinatra playing. 

"I am also an End Of Life Volunteer of which I am really proud to be part of such a wonderful thing#onechance.

"When I’m not working I love walking with my 2 little dogs, I am also a keen photographer which can at times annoy my family as I am always stopping or disappearing to take photos!" 

Lovely work Linda!  :) 

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