Faces of SaTH: Helen Millward - Research Midwife

This week our Face of SaTH is Research Midwife Helen Millward.

“I have been a midwife for 16 years. For the past 6 years I have been involved in clinical trials within Reproductive Health. This area has grown massively in the last few years and I am currently running 9 studies in SaTH across all aspects of Reproductive Health.

“I start my day calling into all the wards where potential patients may be. This includes the Antenatal ward, early pregnancy unit and the maternity Day assessment/Triage area. If there are any eligible patients I go and have a chat with them and introduce the relevant studies. Sometimes people know straight away if they want to take part or not. Others may need time to think and chat to family and friends so I go back to them later that day or sometimes the following day.

“I also pick up referrals from the Midwife Sonographers for a trial called Big Baby, which is looking at the best way to look after women whose baby has grown bigger than we thought it would. All these referrals are then screened via their medical records and then I ring them to discuss the study. I arrange appointments to see women who are keen to take part in any of the trials and fit these in throughout the day. Certain studies require me to train members of staff around key aspects of the research and I do this regularly to make sure I capture all members of the team.

“I really enjoy meeting new people and I get to do this a lot through all the patients I see and the different teams I work with. I also really feel like I am helping to make a difference for future health care for women and their families. I especially love the diversity and flexibility of my role.”

“My biggest achievement is that we recently won a Trust VIP award after receiving a letter from a patient who had been very happy with the care she had received whilst on a study. I got to go to Cosford Air Museum for a meal and an awards ceremony which was excellent.

“I have 2 young children who keep me very busy when I’m not at work. I also have a 6 month old puppy who I love taking for long walks. I generally love being outside, whether that’s walking or gardening.”

Keep up the wonderful work, Helen ????

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