David Lower - Estates Department

“Working at the NHS has given me great opportunities and I’m now considered one of the most skilled workers here.”

David Lower is a multi-skilled mechanical craftsperson within the Princess Royal Hospital, in Telford. He says “I came to the NHS ten years ago with a little bit of experience in mechanics and maintenance.

"Working at the NHS has given me great opportunities and during the 10 years I have worked here I have slowly build up my qualifications year in year out and I’m now considered one of the most skilled workers here. All my qualifications have been supported by SaTH. I would definitely recommend getting into a job like this as I don’t know if I would be in the position I am otherwise.”

Breaking down this job role into more simplistic terms, David’s role is within what is known as the ‘Estates Department’ who are responsible for general maintenance of the hospital ensuring that the hospital is a safe environment for patients, visitors and staff. They are also responsible for making sure the buildings are fit for purpose.

The main aspects of the job include maintenance both minor and major within the hospitals, it will also involve hospital improvement as per the Trust’s business objectives.

To apply you must have a recognised and registered qualification from City & Guilds or the equivalent but it an excellent opportunity for anyone starting a career in mechanics/maintenance, or looking to progress further in their chosen career. The NHS offers a great opportunity for career development and, like David, you could also be one of our most qualified members on the team in just a few years.

From working at the NHS, David now enjoys his 48 days holidays throughout the year, interacting with all different people throughout his days and is always up for a challenge… plus he gets 50% off at Domino’s which he is particularly happy about.

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